Honey for sale

Sale of honey which is exclusively produced from our beehives in the regions Liguria and Tuscany

In glasses of 1000 g – 500 g – 250 g – 50 g as well as in three sample glasses of 50 g

Three sample glasses of 50 g
miele degustazione monoflora
1000 – 500 – 250 and 50 g glasses
miele vasetti

Warranty of origin and the product’s quality

toscana miele
Our honey is guaranteed by the seal TOSCANA MIELE (TUSCANY HONEY). TOSCANA MIELE is an association, which operates in the Lunigiana, which is the only territory in Italy where DOP honey is produced. In order to obtain the warranty seal from Toscana Miele, and in order to use this brand, it is necessary to satisfy all European, national, regional and locals rules. Moreover, you must respect all rules which control the production of honey, from the breed of bees to the filling of the glasses and their sale. In order to monitor that the rules are respected, the Council of Toscana Miele works together with a representative of this subarea as well as a representative of the faculty of agricultural science of the University of Pisa. The commission visits the companies personally, and checks the products with lab analysis.

Our beehives in S. Stefano Magra (SP)
apiari sstefanomagra
Our beehives in Succisa (Lunigiana, MS) Production D.O.P.
apiari succisa

consorzio tutela miele lunigiana

We are part of the consortium for the protection of the Lunigiana’s honey D.O.P.

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